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NOTE: A positive offset value represents a location beyond the cross street. A negative offset value represents a location prior to the cross street.

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Kennedy Local EB (Illinois)
Congestion From To Distance (miles)
Uncongested Bessie Coleman Dr (+0.2 miles) East River Rd 1.9
Unknown Congestion East River Rd Cumberland Ave (+0.3 miles) 0.9
Uncongested Cumberland Ave (+0.3 miles) Nagle Ave (+0.2 miles) 2.4
Medium congestion Nagle Ave (+0.2 miles) Foster Ave (-0.2 miles) 0.5
Heavy congestion Foster Ave (-0.2 miles) Central Ave (-0.1 miles) 0.4
Medium congestion Central Ave (-0.1 miles) Milwaukee Ave (-0.1 miles) 0.3
Heavy congestion Milwaukee Ave (-0.1 miles) Addison St (-0.3 miles) 2.8
Unknown Congestion Addison St (-0.3 miles) Kimball Ave (-0.2 miles) 0.6
Light congestion Kimball Ave (-0.2 miles) Kedzie Ave 0.5
Uncongested Kedzie Ave Division St (-0.3 miles) 3.2
Light congestion Division St (-0.3 miles) Milwaukee Ave 0.5
Uncongested Milwaukee Ave Chicago Ave 0.3
Unknown Congestion Chicago Ave Grand Ave 0.5
Uncongested Grand Ave Lake St 0.5
Unknown Congestion Lake St Randolph St 0.1
Light congestion Randolph St Washington Blvd 0.1
Unknown Congestion Washington Blvd Monroe St 0.1
Light congestion Monroe St I-290 0.4
Uncongested I-290 Harrison St 0.1

Kennedy Local WB (Illinois)
Congestion From To Distance (miles)
Light congestion I-290 I-290 0.1
Unknown Congestion Eisenhower Expy Adams St 0.2
Light congestion Adams St Monroe St 0.1
Unknown Congestion Monroe St Madison St 0.1
Light congestion Madison St Green St 0.6
Unknown Congestion Green St Grand Ave (+0.2 miles) 0.3
Medium congestion Grand Ave (+0.2 miles) IL-64 1.5
Light congestion IL-64 Damen Ave 1.1
Uncongested Damen Ave Kimball Ave 2.2
Unknown Congestion Kimball Ave Addison St (+0.2 miles) 0.6
Light congestion Addison St (+0.2 miles) Pulaski Rd 0.5
Uncongested Pulaski Rd Kostner Ave (+0.1 miles) 0.7
Light congestion Kostner Ave (+0.1 miles) Edens Expy 0.2
Uncongested I-94 Central Ave (-0.1 miles) 1.5
Light congestion Central Ave (-0.1 miles) Foster Ave (+0.2 miles) 0.5
Medium congestion Foster Ave (+0.2 miles) Natoma Ave 1.0
Light congestion Natoma Ave Sayre Ave 0.5
Uncongested Sayre Ave Canfield Ave (+0.2 miles) 1.3
Unknown Congestion Canfield Ave (+0.2 miles) East River Rd (-0.2 miles) 0.8
Uncongested East River Rd (-0.2 miles) I-294 1.3
Light congestion I-294 Mannheim Rd (-0.2 miles) 0.4
Uncongested Mannheim Rd (-0.2 miles) Mannheim Rd 0.2
Light congestion Mannheim Rd Bessie Coleman Dr (+1.0 miles) 1.5

Kennedy Reversible EB (Illinois)
Congestion From To Distance (miles)
Medium congestion Montrose Ave Pulaski Rd 1.0
Unknown Congestion Pulaski Rd Kimball Ave 1.2
Uncongested Kimball Ave Milwaukee Ave 4.0
Unknown Congestion Milwaukee Ave Ogden Ave 0.4

Kennedy Reversible WB (Illinois)
Congestion From To Distance (miles)
Unknown Congestion Ogden Ave Montrose Ave 6.6

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